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Too cool for school: Three things your public relations team wants you to know

As our community returns to the classroom, reading, writing and arithmetic take on a new focus. Academics are the foundation of good writing but they aren’t the be-all, end-all of communication. Here at Price Lang Public Relations, our industry professionals are skilled in diverse areas of strategic communication, from copywriting to design. We often meet clients who are reluctant to share first drafts or previous attempts but each team member would agree: there’s no need for apprehension when it comes to working through projects.

Three principles Price Lang client should know:

We’re judgment-free: From sketches on napkins to handwritten notes, we’ve seen homemade designs and rough drafts. We’re here for the whole picture, even as it changes. Refining your vision is part of our job and in the meantime, there’s no judgment around pesky writing and design issues.

We look beyond grammar : Our team writes for clarity and consistency. The broader message is always our focal point, even as we make subtle changes for correct word usage. Any written material contributed as a guide or starting point is better than none at all. We get to know our clients and better understand their ideas then present those concepts in ways that meet publication standards.

Our communications professionals will take care of the details: We are proud to handle technicalities, from checking all the boxes on graphic design standards to creating copy that exceeds publishers’ expectations.

Our clients are experts at their fields and delegating corporate communications to a third party allows them to concentrate on their core business. We are experts in branding, web design, advertising and community outreach. It’s a job we are happy to do.

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