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Spring refresh: Three design changes to make today

Spring is right around the corner. Every year, the feeling of needing to declutter, revitalize and spruce up one’s surroundings tends to come back. It might be cabin fever or maybe it’s the energy that comes with the warmer weather. Regardless of your inspiration, it’s time for a brand refresh!

  1. Consistency is key. It’s important for your brand to be consistent across all platforms. Consistency builds trust, brand awareness, brand recognition and differentiates your brand from others. There are many aspects to check for consistency such as logos, brand colors, fonts, images and voice. Take a moment to look over your social media, your email templates, your website and your printed materials to ensure they are consistent and within your brand guidelines.  

  1. Refresh your photos and graphics. Think about the photos, graphics and printed materials your audience sees every day. When was the last time you refreshed your brand’s look and feel? Now is the time to update those items and discard what is no longer a good fit. Some areas to consider are your cover photo, product images and  newsletter layout. Update printed materials, too. 

  1. Website revamp: When was the last time you updated your website? Websites can take time to configure and maintain. Some easy ways to update your website are to ensure your pages are current with the latest information, update images within the website and ensure all links still work. 

If you expert help with a rebrand or website, our team is ready to help guide the way for spring glow-up. Email us to start the conversation today.



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