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Five reasons businesses hire a firm for communications and marketing support

Making informed business decisions with corporate goals, budget and strategy in mind is a challenge for professionals across the organizational spectrum, from middle management to the C-suite. Hiring a full-time communications employee in today’s job market can also be a daunting task. Hiring an outside firm for communications and marketing rather than a full time employee, can be a solution, with on-tap expertise and creativity.  

Here are five reasons to consider sourcing support from an outside firm:

Access to experts: Contracting with an external firm leverages a team of experts with diverse skill sets. Rather than hiring a single generalist, working with a firm allows businesses to access specialists in areas like graphic design, web development, copywriting, crisis communications and event planning. Built-in redundancy is also part of the plan when an outside firm becomes an extension of your brand; rather than depending on a single individual, additional teammates can fill gaps, share ideas and bring fresh perspectives. 

External viewpoints: Outsiders have a different vantage point than employees. They can identify organizations’ blindspots, areas in need of improvement internal staff may be unable to pinpoint or address. Diversity in their personal and professional backgrounds beyond those of  employees within an industry’s typical hiring pool may also be a positive.

Financial savings: Salary or wages and benefits like health insurance, paid vacation, retirement plans and other infrastructure represent a significant expense for employers. Paying a monthly retainer or contracting for services hourly can bring savings to the bottom line. Working within a set budget is often feasible for firms, with capped expenses rather than an ongoing commitment.  

Solves staffing challenges: Collaboration also solves the difficulty of finding ideal job candidates. Not having to advertise for open positions, interview, hire, manage and retain employees can translate to less hassle for managers, too.

Time management: The ability to delegate work to professionals whose area of expertise is just what’s needed can result in time savings for internal staff. Having a third party to rely on whose primary job is to work in communications and marketing makes for the application of industry best practices.

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