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Do this, not that: Tips to make your brand better

At Price Lang Public Relations, we have decades of combined experience in branding, communications, public relations, digital marketing and beyond. Our team’s wealth of knowledge was built on expertise, trial and error, and we’re here to pass along some of the dos and don’ts we’ve learned along the way when it comes to improving your brand.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Be authentic: Whether your brand exudes polish and professionalism or you lean into an offbeat sense of humor, what matters most is authenticity. Your company’s mission, values and spirit contribute to an overall brand identity that should be reflected in everything you produce, including your logo, website, business cards and social media graphics. Sometimes, this process can benefit from an outside perspective to help zero in on a brand’s true style; let us walk you through it.

  2. Consistency is key: Maintaining your unique brand voice across the board is crucial. From graphic design to written copy, it’s important to keep your assets cohesive, because while you might think your audience might not notice, it’s often the little things that matter most. Carrying through your brand fonts, colors and writing style will allow your audience to quickly distinguish you from your competitors.

  3. Share, share, share: While you may know the day-to-day strides you’re making, your audience won’t know unless you start telling them. It can be easy to get tunnel vision, but it’s important to step back, identify what’s “share worthy,” and then shout it from the rooftops. Not sure where to start? With our varied expertise in everything from social media to website design and editorial writing, we’re here to help you spread the word.

  4. Step outside your comfort zone: You can’t keep doing the same things while expecting different results. To grow your brand, you need to step outside the norm and try something new. For example: while some would say “no way” to a television interview, that opportunity could lead to thousands of eyeballs and potential new leads for your business or cause. If you’ve never posted an Instagram Reel, the foray into multimedia social content may seem daunting, but the “show, don’t tell” results can be truly spectacular. That’s what we’re here for: to be by your side to guide you through those difficult-but-worth-it moments!

  5. Don’t ghost your followers: A good relationship with your audience is built on a foundation of trust and frequent communication. If you go radio silent for weeks or months, chances are your customers won’t be waiting when you decide to come out of hibernation. Consistent content schedules for social media, blogs and newsletters can help keep you on track. Need help with content ideas or organization? We’ve got you covered!

When it comes to these types of tips, we could go on all day. Want to hear more? Let’s talk.



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