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Price Lang’s co-founders, Charlie Price and Emily Lang, got their start in the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office, where they tackled legislative affairs and media relations for stories that often made national news. 


When Oklahoma became the first state to sue WorldCom, Emily and Charlie were there. When domestic violence agencies from across the state needed a funding increase from the legislature, Emily and Charlie led advocacy efforts at the state capitol. And when the multi-county grand jury filed corruption charges against state officials, Emily and Charlie worked with reporters to tell the story fairly and accurately.


In 2011, the pair used their hard-fought skills of taking complex subject matter and boiling it down into persuasive, easy-to-follow messaging, and founded their company. 


Over the last decade, they have built a reputation for honest representation, tenacious advocacy and authentic storytelling.


Price Lang funds a scholarship at University of Central Oklahoma.


Price Lang wins Best PR Firm in Journal Record Reader Rankings.


Emily and Charlie found Price Lang Consulting.


The first Price Lang office opens in Edmond.

June 2021

The company rebrands as Price Lang Public Relations, renewing a focus on compelling storytelling across all communications platforms.

Jan 2021

Price Lang marks 10 years in business


We are a team of problem-solvers and big-thinkers with a knack for details. We approach each client with one core belief: your story matters.

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