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Three scary tech mistakes small business owners may be making and how to avoid them

Small business owners often rely on internal staff to wear multiple hats, for everything from human resources to technical support. Cost-savings may result but mistakes can become costly and hamper productivity, especially when it comes to data, training and reliable backups. Richard Hall, our social and digital content/web developer, shares three tips to keep small shops living large when it comes to their ability to handle tech needs.

Three mistakes to mitigate today: Mistake #1: Cutting corners on security

There are plenty of ways to save money while operating your small business, but skimping out on security isn’t one of them.

With things like online scams, phishing attempts and software vulnerabilities consistently on the rise, it is imperative to do what’s necessary to secure your company’s — and your customers’ — data and information.

At the very least, virus and malware protection, and a strong firewall are a must, and enabling encryption on email and messaging systems is easy to do. Another easy way to boost security is to hold training sessions on how to spot email phishing scams and how to create secure passwords.

Avoid the mistake of thinking your business is too small to be a target for hackers. Any organization that fails to secure their networks and technology can become a target.

Mistake #2: Lack of training

It is easy to get complacent about staff training when your crew is on the small side. Complacency on tech training can lead to a lack of shared skills, rendering some coworkers at the mercy of others’ absences, vacations and departures.

Having routine staff training helps address the gaps in the knowledge base and skill sets of your team which can hamper individual efficiency and productivity.

Making sure everyone on your staff is well trained and given the tools necessary to do the job makes for a more cohesive team and a more well-oiled machine.

Mistake #3: Having no reliable backup

Vacationers would not take a cross-country drive without making sure their spare tire is aired up and ready to go in case of an emergency. The same principle can be applied to data backup for the small business.

If a company computer gets damaged, stolen or has an operating system crash without the data being backed up, it may be gone for good. Backup services help protect corporate investments, ensuring less interruption of day-to-day business and providing peace of mind.

Running your own backup database? Remember to test your company’s backup strategy on a monthly basis to make sure there isn’t a flaw in the system. Also, invest in a portable hard drive or flash drive as a double-reliance system for your backup and keep it updated every month as well.

From marketing and social media to event planning and more, our team of experts is available for businesses large and small. Email for more information about solving workplace challenges.



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