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12 years of storytelling: Thank you for celebrating with us

As we look to the holiday season, this time of year often provides a quiet space for reflection before we prepare to gather, give thanks, count our blessings and consider a new year.

Earlier this month, our team enjoyed the opportunity to come together with the many friends we have made through more than 12 years of doing business, with gratitude for the many campaigns, experiences and memories made. Celebrating with friends who feel like family was not a quiet affair; instead, we watched the sunset from the rooftop with music and good cheer.

Growing our business in fulfillment of our collective vision has introduced us to so many outstanding business leaders in Oklahoma and beyond. Telling their stories has characterized our work, the approach informing our tagline, “Your story matters.”

The hallmark of effective storytelling is keeping people at the center of the narrative. Helping clients gain visibility is part of our job but the clients themselves are at the center of every issue, every story told. Thank you to all who have trusted us as a partner. You have contributed to our company’s story, too.

Cheers to another year of telling stories aloud and celebrating successes in good company.



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