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What the heck is PR, anyway?

I’ve worked in public relations for several years now. Still, to many of my friends and family, I am like that one character on every TV show - the Chandler Bing - the one with the enigmatic career. Setting aside my typical “Mad Men” meets “West Wing” analogies, let’s answer these questions once and for all: What is PR and who needs it.

Spend a day in our office and you’ll see, the term ‘public relations’ encompasses a broad spectrum of services. We write stories, build websites, plan events, buy ads, create graphics, forge media connections and so much more. Through these services, our diversely talented team serves an equally diverse array of clients, all in the name of public relations. These efforts share one common goal: building mutually beneficial relationships between our clients and their audience.

The next time you hear ‘public relations’, remember these three things:

PR strengthens your business. We are experts at placing the right message in front of the right audience and doing it at the right time. Our team works with clients to create clear communication across all platforms including social and digital media, traditional outlets and more. Effectively executed PR strategies identify the best target audience for your business and provides them with answers about who you are, what you do and why it matters to them. Spoiler: That’s good for business.

PR supports your audience. Have you ever seen a strong relationship without trust and communication? We haven’t. These two ingredients are essential for success in both personal and professional worlds and PR helps businesses build them. When both quantity and quality of content matter, it helps to have the support of professional communicators. Our team delivers consistent, high-quality content to clients to help them maintain a steady flow of strong communication with their audience. We also provide support in formulating strategic responses and reactive communication, smoothly paving the two-way street of communication.

PR is for everyone. Push away the notion that PR is only for chaos and crisis. While we do help clients strategically navigate difficult situations, smart PR isn’t saved for the eleventh hour. Our strategy is to provide our clients with a comprehensive plan for growth in the good times and sustenance in the storms, and we execute this across any industry. Whether your business is big, small, new or older than me, PR is for you. We’d love to show you what we can do.



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