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PR planning: finish strong!

With the holiday season upon us, it can be tempting to set business development aside. But as calendars fill with holiday happenings and shopping takes center stage, it’s a good idea to create a different kind of list – and check it twice. A little public relations planning now can help your business finish strong and start the New Year even stronger. Here are three things to consider before you try to coast through what’s left of 2018: 1.How did you do this year? No really … how did you do? Did you grow as you had hoped? Did you attract the new types of customers you wanted? And how was your bottom line impacted? These are all measures of success, but unless you pull out your proverbial measuring cup, there’s no real way to know if your fruitcake is salty or sweet. Ask yourself hard questions, and put the answers on paper. 2. What worked for you in 2018… and what didn’t? It’s important to consider to periodically assess the effectiveness of the tools in your marketing toolbox. If you aren’t growing, it’s possible you need to up your communications game. The best marketing plans utilize a combination of internal and external communications. From employee newsletters, which can help all your carolers sing the same song, to social media marketing, which can help your business reach customers on other continents – the options for marketing are almost endless. Keep what works for you – and get rid of the things that don’t. 3. Where do you hope to be at this time next year? Set a goal. Say it out loud. Write it down. THIS is your roadmap for the New Year. I can’t tell you how many people slide into the New Year without a clear direction. This is crazy talk. You wouldn’t go over the river and through the woods without a GPS. Don’t run your organization without a destination in mind. Finally, if we can help, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to talk through your 2018 ups and downs with you, and together, we can create a plan to help you grow in 2019.



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