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Picture this! 4 easy photography tips to improve image quality

Photos, especially in the age of social media, are not only an opportunity to tell a story but often a must. Good photography can also give you the power to present your brand in a creative way.

Taking quality images is a vital part of communicating your brand visually. You want to be particular about the photographs you’re sharing on social media by insuring that you maintain a standard in quality. Taking the time to provide quality content on social media will encourage your audience to engage with your posts.

Here are four beginner photography tips that will help you capture quality images that showcase your story in a professional way.


When composing a photo, be sure to utilize the rule-of-thirds. This means breaking your image frame into 9 parts as if it were on a grid. This will help you visualize where to place your subject to make the photo more interesting for your audience.

Focus on capturing moments that tell a story. Use a variety of candid and posed shots to explain to your audience what is happening. Fill the frame to avoid a cluttered or empty photograph.


When lighting your photographs, focus on obtaining the correct exposure of your subject. Use natural lighting if at all possible. Otherwise, consider using an off-camera flash to brighten your image. Be careful not to under/overexpose your subject.


Always make sure the subject of your photograph is in focus. When taking photos of people, focus on their faces, specifically on the eyes. Selective focus helps your subject stand out from the background. This method draws your eye to look at the part of the photograph that is in focus and creates animage that is visually appealing.


Use a consistent color palette or add your logo when sharing your photos to tie your images to your brand. This will help your audience recognize them almost immediately.

Using these tips and tricks will help you improve the quality of your images and allow you to communicate your brand effectively to your audience.



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