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Our story and yours: Seeking creative experts

At Price Lang Public Relations, we pride ourselves on teamwork and celebrating our employees. The exemplary way our content creators work together stands out, from professional strategists to graphic designers, copywriters and multimedia creators. We approach every project with our professional best, centered on our core belief: your story matters.

What we value in our teammates is their extraordinary work skills in addition to the interpersonal ones less common in a job description: their ethics, character and commitment. Every person has a choice in the way they do their job and we are grateful for how each team member approaches theirs. Customer service is part of every team member’s role.

In summary, here is who we are and what we are seeking:

S – We Stand out.

T – We are Team players.

O – We are Open to learning, stretching and taking creative risks.

R – We are Ultra-reliable.

Y – We start with YES.

If you know someone we should meet, tell us about them. Our open roles currently include director of client services and project manager positions. Find out more about what we’re seeking in each role plus what we offer as a conscientious workplace.

Just as we recognize each employee’s contributions, we strive to offer benefits to be proud of, too. In addition to traditional employee compensation packages, paid vacation and remote work options, we look forward to starting weekends early with Summer Fridays, our half-day work policy from Memorial Day to Labor Day. We know creative people need time for their interests and hobbies; leaving a margin of intention downtime for rest, renewal and individual interests, all of which enhance what we do.

We are open to good ideas, feedback and positive change. Would you or someone you know be the next right fit?

Thank you to every Price Lang employee. Your service matters and it’s part of our story, with many new chapters ahead.



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