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Graphic design best practices: Three principles to keep in mind when embracing change

Graphic design can feel complicated, from deciding how to make the best impression to achieving the right look and feel through technical details. Just as spring’s change of season brings a fresh perspective, now feels like the perfect time to reevaluate your brand’s approach.

At Price Lang Public Relations, our staff’s expertise means all projects are executed according to industry best practices. Scotty O’Daniel, one of our graphic designers, prides himself on bringing projects to life through his creative skills. With more than 20 years of experience, he concepts and then curates the perfect look and feel in fulfillment of clients’ needs.

Scotty suggests keeping graphic design simple with three key principles:

1.) Stay current - but take time to do it right: Evaluate your current brand elements. Recognize outdated elements and take the time to be intentional about change. Process matters and investing in a SWOT analysis, hosting focus groups and listening to stakeholders yields better results than making superficial switches hastily without forethought, reasoning and a plan.

2.) Be consistent with brand identity: Knowing what a brand stands for and how to represent those values visually remains the foundation of good branding. While a classic look for an established brand is ideal, carrying through elements of the brand can reduce confusion and maintain equity in the existing design.

3.) Connect with new audiences: While maintaining current audiences is often a branding goal, incorporating feedback from others is key to staying relevant. Find out where the focus is or should be as you strive for inclusivity. Refreshing or rebranding may not be necessary; making a connection with your audience is the most important.

If you have questions about graphic design, we’d love to talk about creative problem-solving. Email



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