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Vice President

“What I love about this field is telling people’s stories. Sometimes that means discovering an intriguing angle for a media pitch, sometimes that means documenting passion for a cause by marrying words and video and sometimes that means pitching ideas to catapult our clients’ public image. It’s all storytelling. It’s all important, and I am always honored to do it.”

Sheradee brings more than two decades of experience to her diverse role as our vice president, from broadcast and digital media to rebranding, campaign communications,  website work and strategic public relations.

Fast Facts:

  • Bachelor of arts in broadcast journalism

  • “TODAY Show” fan and recurring featured guest on the show; has visited the plaza nine times for a live show

  • Inspired by truth-tellers and truth-seekers

  • Mother of three children who call the theatre their second home

  • National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) current member, UCO Sigma Kappa Woman of the Year Nominee (2019), OKC Biz 40 under 40 (2009), Listen to Your Mother OKC inaugural cast of authors and annual media coordinator

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