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The basics of visual storytelling

We all know a picture’s worth a thousand words. But have you ever considered how power comes with visual storytelling? Using a visual storytelling app can bring your story to life with the right amounts of personality and professionalism.

First it’s vital to understand what you want to accomplish with your story. If you’re looking for an app that focuses on video editing then Vimeo’s iOS app, Cameo, is easy to use. It allows users to import clips, overlay text, add filters, and it has a selection of music available for free.

Adobe’s iOS app, Spark Video, adds features like stitching together photographs and videos and recording audio, and it provides a wide variety of free soundtracks. This application caters towards small businesses, teachers and anyone looking to create professional content for any project.

Another storytelling app with audio recording features is Lightt. This iOS app provides music, filters, and distorting effects that are the perfect addition to your video. After you’re finished editing, Lightt creates a file resembling a GIF, which eliminates the need to change formats later on. This app is great for the everyday user.

For video editors who are looking for an editing app that puts an emphasis on minimalistic design, Steller is a sleek option. It stitches together videos and images in a way that mimics flipping through a book. Your videos can create a unique experience with features like color filters and text overlays.

Much like Steller, 1 Second Every Day puts a unique twist to saving memories. This free app for both iPhone and Android users helps you seize the day by recording 1 second each day. Users can create videos of their week, month or even a year's worth of memories.

Whether you’re looking to capture moments of your life or promote your brand, these apps make visual storytelling accessible for anyone. Recognizing technology as a noteworthy tool is the first step to understanding how you can use it to tell a more powerful story — no word required.



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