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Team effort: How public relations services can further your vision

Reaching key audiences with clear messaging true to your brand’s identity is a continual challenge for businesses, nonprofits and community advocates. Strategic communication demands consistent planning, standout graphic design and crisp copywriting.

Time, expertise and the careful application of industry best practices factor into a polished end product: a crafted campaign customized for unique needs to drive traffic, further big-picture goals and influence public opinion.

Our team of award-winning professionals is dedicated to communicating key messages through visual storytelling. Voted Best Public Relations firm in the Journal Record’s 2021 Reader Rankings, we are honored to be named a finalist on this year’s ballot, too. No matter who you choose to partner with for your brand, here are five service offerings to consider for your brand.

Five public relations services to consider and why

Branding: A consistent look and feel is essential for your brand’s identity. Let customers know what to expect and set yourself apart from competitors by coordinating all elements to be recognizable. A brand manager should be in charge of making sure all messaging and graphics meet established standards. Graphic design: Your branding should carry through all images and designs, from printed materials to website and social media graphics. A skilled graphic designer will create compatible elements that support your message, handle technical details and work with a printer or web developer to resolve any issues. Graphic designers also offer creative brainstorming and problem solving skills that can bring to light innovative marketing solutions.

Copywriting: Verbal identity is your brand’s voice. Theme, word choice, consistent language and persuasive messaging are all part of good copywriting, which is part of communication across all media.

Social media: Daily presence and special messaging should be part of every social media manager’s workflow. The ability to plan ahead while still remaining agile in response to trending topics requires a team effort for copywriting, graphic design and cross-promotion.

Monitoring activities, responses and engagement can be time consuming. A content manager to help your business with these tasks, and suggest additional strategies or a change to help focus messaging.

Media buying: Finding the right fit for paid placement on TV, in print and through content marketing ensures your message connects with the right audience. Work with an experienced marketer to make the most of your advertising budget.

Public relations services should work for you not overburden your team with additional tasks. Other face-to-face opportunities, like event planning, also rely on branding services for a win-win experience to fulfill internal goals and attendees’ expectations.

Reflect on your brand’s purpose, decide what you want to achieve and connect with a team to support your goals. If our firm might be a fit, we’d be glad to talk with you. Check out our work and email us to discuss what you have in mind.

Charlie Price is a founding partner in Price Lang Public Relations,



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