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Supporting our village: light, love and cheer this holiday season and beyond

Merry and bright, there is a kind of quiet magic this time of year, a cheerful glow that warms our streets, homes and hearts. Sparkle and shine reflect our own version of faith, hope and charity as we come together around the holidays. The season’s joy shows up in unexpected places, as public works buildings and otherwise solemn brownstones suddenly feature twinkling lights and holiday decorations. Charitable organizations welcome volunteers, glittery ribbons wrap packages of all sizes and a sense of goodwill prevails, if only for this special season of love and light.

From November through December, the spirit of the season illuminates the ways our fellow Oklahomans care for one another. At Price Lang Public Relations, we are privileged to see how those efforts continue all year long. Our job is to tell their stories. With the unique vantage point of working behind-the-scenes, we are proud to shine a spotlight on good news every day of the year.

Gingerbread houses and ceramic holiday towns remind us: It takes a village to provide for local needs and for a sense of community to thrive. Our clients include accountants, engineers, early childhood educators, social workers and many other professionals who provide a diverse group of services that uplift the rest of the village. We work to keep non-profit organizations top-of-mind long after the holidays as they provide lifesaving services through all seasons. Nearby businesses are not just brick and mortar facades because we know the professionals inside, friendly faces with vital roles in the community we share. Our strategists, graphic designers and copywriters collaborate to handle their public relations needs so clients can focus on their core business of serving the village.

Visions of sugarplums, starlight and holiday cheer live in our team’s collective imagination and come to life through the stories we tell. Every business, every cause with a story to tell needs a little branding magic.

The usual holiday hustle and bustle feels more robust and somehow, more welcome. Through a year in which we could not all be together, the value of shaking hands, offering a hug and helping one another is as clear as an unshaken snow globe. Better days lie ahead, with the glint of exciting prospects and possibilities in 2022.

May your holidays be filled with love and light. We look forward to working with you in the new year.



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