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Rebrand or refresh?

Rebranding doesn’t have to be a daunting and expensive process. When your logo fails to inspire or perhaps your organization is starting to move into new territory it makes sense to rethink the brand you’ve created. Needing a rebrand is actually a great sign; most successful companies do it, and often a rebrand means an organization has evolved past its previous identity. The rebranding process is the perfect opportunity to strengthen an organization’s image and can bring the organization’s overall vision for the future into focus.

A rebrand doesn’t necessarily mean you have to create a completely new logo. A rebrand can be as simple as refreshing an existing logo and extending the refreshed logo into all your branded materials.

You can take a look at some rebranding history of these recognizable brands:

When considering rebranding, the process can be as simple or intensive as you want. Be sure to ask yourself a few questions to evaluate if you need a rebrand or a brand refresh.

What do you like about your current branding? What don’t you like about it?

The answer to these questions can help determine if a complete rebrand is necessary or if a simple refresh is all the organization needs. Some problems with a logo can be remedied with a new color palette or with the addition or removal of certain design elements.

What are some brand examples you admire? Why do you admire them?

Identifying admirable brands can help set a vision for your organization and force you to consider what you want for your organization in the future.

What are five adjectives you want people to associate with your organization’s brand? What kind of voice or tone does the organization have?

This is a great way to put words to an abstract vision. Branding your vision with corresponding adjectives will help define an aesthetic and help prioritize branding qualities going forward.

Logos are important, but good branding is about more than just the logo. These days, effective branding infiltrates all facets of an organization. From packaging to social media posts, it's important to take a moment to assess what you are saying to your current and potential customers.

Just remember to always do your research and have a thoughtful plan before making any big changes. For any questions about rebranding you can always contact a Price Lang Consulting team member. We’re here to help.



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