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Price Lang Public Relations: In our own words

Every brand has a story.

At Price Lang Public Relations, our job is to tell our clients’ stories in memorable ways. This year, we were also tasked with telling our own story, with members of our team creating every element of our refreshed branding.

Rebrand for our 10th year

After a decade of service to small businesses, global corporations and nonprofits, our staff began a rebranding effort to create Price Lang’s new look and feel. Honoring the clients we have worked with and the stories with which we’ve been entrusted was important to us in this process; they’re at the heart of who we are as a team and as a business.

The last year has led us to reflect on our own values and our vision for the future. We talked a lot about who we are, about what makes us unique in the way we serve clients, and who we want to be as we grow. Your story matters: new tagline

Our new tagline, “your story matters” underscores the way we approach each client. Whether a brand needs a helping hand for day-to-day issues like social media management and web presence or urgent messaging for crisis communications, we take in the big picture, make plans and move forward in a way that feels authentic and creates success and trust.

We work with local media outlets to tell our clients’ stories and help our clients get noticed for their good work. As we tell each story, we do so intentionally by considering the broader goal and the specific action we hope to inspire. Price Lang Public Relations and problem-solving visuals

Just as we do for our clients, identifying patterns was key to our process.

Logo development is an important part of our business, and redesigning our own brought a challenge to the team. The storytelling theme took form with a maze-like representation of the letters PLPR. We leveraged the letters to present Price Lang as a team of problem solvers who help clients navigate through communications challenges. The symbol looks like a keyhole or puzzle piece, as we believe compelling, authentic storytelling is the key to an organization’s success. The P and the L hidden in our logo represent our firm’s principals, with separate colors representing Charlie Price and Emily Lang. They stand behind all strategic communications crafted by our team, and they provide hands-on support for every client we serve.

Website: Our team, our story

Our website update was long overdue, but we’re proud of this modern, easy-to-navigate site. The new website was created in-house by our designers, content writers and digital gurus. Every detail is thoughtfully placed to showcase our core value: for every client, every time - “your story matters.”

See the new website, read our “Anthology” blog and find out more about us at

The story doesn’t end here

Our firm is a local business with broad reach. Although our client roster has expanded over the past decade, Emily Lang and Charlie Price still personally review the elements of every project created for Price Lang’s clients. Telling those stories has been their life’s work, with many more chapters ahead.



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