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Path to success with digital media: Five considerations for your brand

Options to connect with a target audience have never been so varied or accessible. Digital media showcased through websites, blog posts, social media and online advertising can create a recognizable brand presence.

Telling your brand’s story takes time, strategy and a budget. Make the investment matter by knowing where to focus your digital media efforts. Before launching into one-off efforts without a true north, take the time to choose a destination and set a course with measurable benchmarks along with way.

Five considerations for a purposeful digital media strategy:

Reexamine purpose and related creative elements: Consider your brand an ID card. Don’t start your journey until it’s up-to-date.

Is your brand’s identity clear, with a set mission supported through an intentional vision and actionable values? Purpose will define voice, the tone you take when communicating with the world. How the brand functions in its niche and what it stands for should be clear, with consistent branding through copywriting and graphic design with a consistent look and feel across all platforms.

Draft your media strategy: Map your route with a timeline, content ideas and budget – fuel for what’s ahead. Start by knowing where to find your audience. Decide which social media channels best serve your brand’s demographics and goals, from TikTok and Facebook to LinkedIn. Develop a schedule for internal campaigns with realistic consideration of your team’s time constraints to create owned media: website and social media content. Earned media opportunities like interviews also take time and coordination. Paid advertising to extend your reach with intentional messaging through boosted posts or external media buys can be factored in, too. See five basic things you should do to promote your brand.

Add authentic visual elements: Photos and video document what your brand represents and how employees carry out those defining principles. Outstanding digital media transforms simple milemarkers into memorable landmarks. Allow flexibility in your media plan to take the scenic route as purposeful detours, allowing for agile response to the trend-based nature of social media.

Video is currently the foremost element of leading social media platforms, a driving factor for generating more engagement and boosting growth. Twitter’s business blog describes video as its “fastest-growing advertising tool,” with more than 2 billion views each day; the media giant credits video with 67% of year-over-year growth and notes Tweets with video boast 10 times the amount of engagement as other Tweets. Although Instagram continues to push Reels, Stories and still images continue to outperform more stylized videos. Visual storytelling provides the ability to explain, direct and spur an action, the ultimate goal of all strategic communication.

Keep an eye on metrics: It’s difficult to assess how far a brand has come without knowing where a campaign started and how it’s progressing.

Pay attention to the key areas: Audience growth, post engagement and cost per click on boosted content. Before deciding what ground to cover next, assess the factors influencing what connected as well as where strategy swerved.

Reach out: Partnering with the right media outlets, influencers and experts can make all the difference. Don’t go at it alone. Choose optimal travel companions and send up a flair when help is needed.

No single businessperson is an expert in all things logistics, marketing, design and communication. Leverage help from specialized professionals for search engine optimization, video, graphic design and media outreach.

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