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Hey there, TV star!

Great news!

Your PR person calls and says a local TV station is interested in your news release.

Then, she says they want you in the studio tomorrow morning for a live interview.

Still great news, right?

For the uninitiated, a live television interview can be both exciting and a little daunting. Even seasoned interview pros admit to getting a few butterflies when standing before the bright lights and hot mics. So, what’s a TV rookie to do?

Here are a few basic tips to make your live television debut a smashing success.

Know where you’re going… literally.

If you’ve never visited the TV station, take a few minutes to figure out your route. Nothing will stress you out more on the day of your interview than getting lost or arriving late. (A quick bit of insider info here – nothing will stress out your PR folks more than a client who is lost or shows up late for a live interview.) Try to arrive a little early. Many times, a producer or floor manager will take guests into the studio for a brief tour before the interview, just to let you become familiar with your environment before you go live.

Know where you’re going…figuratively.

You’ll likely have only two or three minutes for your segment, and it will go by in a flash. Prepare your talking points and stay on message. Be confident, welcoming and tell the world what you want them to know.

Ignore the cameras…really.

A good interview is just a friendly conversation caught on camera. Forget about the lights, ignore the cameras and simply talk to the reporter.


It’s easy to get caught up in all that’s going on around you in the studio. Just take a deep breath, relax and shine bright like the TV star we know you are.



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