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Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is coined the “world’s biggest day of generosity.” It falls each year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, which, this year, is Nov. 30.

After you have stuffed the turkey, stuffed yourself with turkey and stimulated the economy with early holiday shopping, it’s time to give back to the nonprofits who work year round to enhance our communities. If you’re looking for a local nonprofit to receive end-of-year donations, Price Lang is proud to partner with several incredible local organizations that depend on Giving Tuesday. We are happy to provide a list to you. If you are a nonprofit looking to fundraise as part of the “global generosity movement” that is Giving Tuesday, here are some ideas to reach a larger audience with your ask.

  1. Use faces to tell your story. Let people see how local lives are impacted by their gifts. Telling their stories is telling your story, and it’s a powerful channel of communication.

  2. Use a social media campaign to share these stories and show these faces. During this time of year, social media traffic is high due to people having time off from work and shoppers scrolling online looking for deals.

  3. Send e-blast reminders. It’s not enough to show your social media audience why their giving helps your nonprofit do good. An email directly to their inbox is a more personal, targeted way to reach your donors.

  4. Create a QR code to make donations a snap. There are many apps on the market today that will create a QR code to link directly to your giving page. There are several free options in app stores. A QR code is a fast way to direct people where they need to go without making them remember a website. It auto-populates, and people are right where they need to be. It makes giving easy.

  5. Find a corporate partner, or other partner, who is willing to match donations.

This is a great way to keep challenging your audience to give. Live updates on social media of matching donations can bring in donors who might not have participated if not for the challenge of the match.

Price Lang is happy to help you develop a Giving Tuesday campaign or direct you to organizations that rely on your gift. Happy giving!

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