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Don’t let video scare you: Six tips to improve your video content for social media and more

This spooky season and beyond, video is nothing to be scared of when it comes to creating your own digital content. Video is currently the foremost element of leading social media platforms, but capturing ideal footage, editing and posting video can be intimidating.

An optimal driving factor for generating more engagement and boosting growth, Twitter’s business blog describes video as its “fastest-growing advertising tool,” with more than 2 billion views each day. Instagram Reels, Facebook Stories and the rise of TikTok increases the pressure on brand managers as well as individuals responsible for managing their personal brand into sharing video updates.

Paige Dillard, our multimedia content manager is a producer and videographer with nearly two decades of experience. See her tips below for a more streamlined, professional-looking result. Six ways to make informal video more professional:

  • Hold the phone in an intentional way: If you are recording video for Instagram or TikTok, position the phone vertically. Otherwise, horizontal or landscape mode is the preferred format. If you're using a computer to record video, place the computer on a sturdy, stable surface at eye level so you are not looking up or down at the camera.

  • Ensure your lighting is optimal: Position yourself angled near a window and check your lighting before starting to record. Never put your back to the window.

  • Check your audio: Make sure you are in a closed room or other quiet area. For better audio quality, you can purchase an inexpensive lavalier microphone that plugs into your phone.

  • Keep it simple: Bullet points work best when recording a message. Trying to memorize a script can cause you to focus too much on the exact wording and seem insincere. Highlighting three key points is always a good bet.

  • Plan on more than one take: If you need to start over, pause for a three to four seconds and then restart to facilitate a cleaner edit. Pause at the beginning of the video before starting your message. When you've finished delivering your message, pause again for three to four seconds while still looking at the camera, then move the camera or stop the recording.

  • Watch your angles: Plan for a cover video by allowing five to 10 seconds of each shot. Avoid talking or narrating while you're recording the cover video. Natural sound from the area or environment where you are filming is always a great video element and can help with pacing. If you pan the camera or phone, do it at a nice steady pace, not too fast or too slow. Don't zoom in or zoom out too quickly.

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