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Climbing toward success: How our visual storytellers meet clients’ needs

Your story matters.

Our firm’s tagline sums up the way we approach every service offered to clients. When Charlie and I started our business in 2010, we could only imagine the community and corporate stories we would be privileged to tell. A recent project for Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma underscores our commitment to telling clients’ stories in purposeful ways.

This year’s campaign theme for Girl Scout cookie sales is Climb with Courage, and that theme will also set the stage for the organization’s annual Juliette Low Leadership Society luncheon. Keynote speakers at the March 25 luncheon will include Valari and Jess Wedel, a mother-and-daughter team who recently set out to climb Mt. Everest together.

The Wedels are inspiring in that they consistently share their knowledge with other girls, including a troop of Girl Scouts who recently spent a day in the Wichita Mountains with the mother/daughter duo.

We were proud to go along for the ride, capturing the emotional day on video as the girls learned to hike and repel amidst the beautiful scenery of southwest Oklahoma.

“Our cameras captured it all. You could see the excitement on the girls' faces and hear it in their voices. It was inspiring to watch the girls conquer their fears and even better to capture the looks on their faces when they reached the bottom,” said Paige Dillard, Price Lang multimedia content manager. “This video tied the theme and the purpose of the luncheon together. Taking the luncheon attendees to the mountain via video storytelling is an impactful way to see the Girl Scouts mission in action.”

Video wasn’t the only way our team helped tell the story visually for the JLLS luncheon.

Leah Fryslie, Price Lang graphic designer, was tasked with creating a memorable invitation for the JLLS luncheon, which supports STEM programming for girls. Our design process tied together elements of the organization’s history and current focus. “We wanted to design something that reflected climbing but also girls helping girls,” Leah said. “We also wanted the invitations to be memorable and unique.” A former Girl Scout herself, Leah credits Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma with teaching her valuable life skills she puts into practice through her work.

“My goal with this project was to showcase the character-building lessons girls learn through Girl Scouts,” said Leah. “It’s amazing to live in a community where that can come full-circle for me, now as a working professional.”

Our draft began with Leah drawing a mountain range by hand and working with cut paper elements to see how they could be arranged through a series of folds that would later be die-cut. She created a tri-fold by hand through a painstaking process of trimming, arranging and reshaping graphic elements.

The finished invitation depicts Girl Scouts climbing to the top of the mountain anchored by a string of pearls that serves as a rope they are holding to climb the mountain together. The pearl-bound rope references Girl Scouts national founder Juliette Low’s choice to sell her wedding pearls in 1912 to raise funds for Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma.

“The pearls have a gradient of pink and white on them to make them look shiny, like real pearls. I tried to have them rise and fall where the girls would be holding them to create tension in a rope while climbing,” Leah said. “I was also intentional about including Girl Scouts of varying ethnicities to more accurately represent the organization’s young participants.”

Representing our clients with visual storytelling work elevates project impact. We are proud to make those stories reflect their reality, today and every day.



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