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A cup of cheer: Traditions, treats and our best holiday wishes

The holiday season, with its shimmery lights and time honored traditions, is just getting started. As we plan for this special time of year, past gatherings come to mind. Chanukah, Christmas, New Year’s and all their respective festivities have so much in common: friends, family and food.

Where people gather, culinary traditions tend to follow, with all the flavors of collective kitchens. Holidays would not be the same without heirloom recipes, laughter around the table and stories told year after year, familiar as chipped china with faded patterns. The nostalgia of half-remembered holidays has a way of carrying through to new generations, all that we have brought with us into our own lives and separate homes. These ingredients have a life of their own, a story unto itself best shared in good company.

Like recipes passed down, stories have a way of coming together, with careful preparation, color and joy. Visual storytelling is our daily bread. The team we’ve assembled includes graphic designers, copywriters and strategists who work to combine their specialties. The work we yield combines form with function and we’re proud to come to the table with results for our clients.

The stories we’ve told this year have given their intended audiences food for thought. They’ve challenged our employees to take creative risks, start from scratch and be bold.

As we put the final touches on the last projects of the year, from holiday cards to quarterly reports, the season’s cheer finds us hard at work, with ideas and spiced hot chocolate simmering in the background. Our professionals find inspiration in poetic visions of sugarplums, the candy apple red of St. Nick's sleigh and the crackle of chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

Before 2023 begins, we offer a toast to this year’s holidays: May they be sweet and memorable, with all the best things yet to come.



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